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Issue 288

Agriculturize: Making the Youth, farmers


Cover feature: Anjanette Tadena, International Agriculture Education Awardee


If I were to rewind my life by 30 years and were to choose a hero for my generation, Anjanette Tadena would be on my top five list...

"We need heroes who are alive," Anjanette or Anj, 26, told us in a pandemic-constricted Zoom interview. "A real hero is one who knows what is needed, gets it done so that it is felt. Our farmers are our heroes..."

Issue 287

Agriculture Secretary "Manong" Willie Dar focuses on food security


Cover feature: William Dar, Department of Agriculture Secretary


Agriculture Secretary William Dar, the "food czar," saw the writing on the wall after the government declared a series of quarantines and lockdowns in many parts of the Philippines since mid-March that the issue of food security had to be addressed immediately...

Issue 286

Agrisexy: Millenial farmer Cherrie Atilano is the new face of agriculture


Cover feature: Cherrie Atilano, UN Ambassador for Nutrition


To level up Philippine agriculture, the sector must have a prominent figure whose life story and achievements can truly inspire more young people to take up farming. And from the ranks of the millenials, Cherrie D. Atilano has more than enough credentials to lead the exodus of the youth into the agriculture sector...


Cherrie Atilano

UN Food Ambassador


Editor's Note:

It was an easy decision to have Cherrie Atilano, Founding Farmer, CEO and President of AGREA Agricultural Systems International, Inc., for the cover of the revitalized Greenfields magazine.


Greenfields Magazine did a portmanteau "Agrisexy" for the cover page from Cherrie's own words “let’s make farming sexy.” She said it was one of her missions ​​​​​to make agriculture appealing to the youth of today.


"Glad to have the opportunity to cover the maiden issue of the 

Greenfields Magazine to always be the voice of our food producers...For me, they are always my heroes for keeping our land fertile, working hard to feed 110Million Filipinos, and our culture being nurtured & preserved by our artisans. Mabuhay po kayo!!!"

William Dar

Department of Agriculture Secretary


Editor's Note:

We handed Department of Agriculture Secretary, Dr. William D. Dar a copy of the maiden issue of Greenfields Magazine and he was visibly impressed with the content, and the layout which according to our Associate Editor, Disnee Dioso, he found "very youthful and refreshing."


Greenfields Magazine supports the initiatives of Dr. Dar and his constant, genteel but firm push to make farming sexy through his comprehensive 8 Paradigms of Philippine Agriculture.

Mario Briones, Ed. D.

University President of Laguna State Polytechnic University


Editor's Note:

Greenfields Magazine paid a goodwill visit to Dr. Mario R. Briones, incumbent University President of the Laguna State Polytechnic University (LSPU).


The energetic leader of one of the country's most progressive and advanced agricultural college immediately welcomed the initiative of Greenfields and congratulated the team for "a lot of energy and effort in making agriculture technology and knowledge available to all."


Ranilo "Mat" Maderazo

President & CEO of Planters Products, Inc.

Chairman of Editorial Board of Greenfields Magazine


After almost ten years of retirement, I am once again back to the company that oriented me in the field of agriculture.

Nothing seems to have changed — agriculture is still beset with many challenges; small land-holdings, climate change, outdated farming methods, and low production. I also believe that information is key to take agriculture to the next level.


Thus, I am happy to report that Greenfields, the longest-running and multi-awarded agricultural magazine in the country, is back. 

This year also marks a milestone in the history of the magazine because it comes with some important enhancements. The first is that the magazine will have a new design and a new look.


The second enhancement is we will publish excellent articles attuned to the eight paradigms of the “New Thinking for Agriculture” instituted by our current Agriculture secretary to level up Philippine agriculture. 


We not only encourage the young agripreneur to contribute and participate in the selection of features for the magazine — but let us also discuss new ideas to unlock the potential of agriculture. Definitely, exciting times are ahead of us.



Planters Products, Inc.

Ang Kumpanya ng Magsasakang Pilipino


Planters Products, Inc. was established in 1963 as one of the leading Filipino Agricultural Chemical Company. In 1970, it was purchased by the Sugar Producers Cooperative Marketing Association - the country's largest cooperative of sugar planters, and was renamed Planters Products, Incorporated.

The main business of Planters Products, Inc. is the manufacturing, production, trading and marketing of agro-chemical products. At present, the company has twelve (12) brands of crop protection chemicals consisting of insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, molluscicides and termiticides. PPI's agricultural products are sold throughout the archipelago through a mega network of more than 1000 distributors, dealers, outlets and special accounts nationwide.


Greenfields Magazine is a subsidiary of Planters Products, Inc.


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